Learn to Sing.


Whether it is Disney, a Musical or even your own composition, learning to sing is a great pleasure. With over 20 years teaching experience, all styles have been, and are willingly taught and enjoyed. Pieces can often be altered to suit your level, so there is no long wait to start learning the classics!

"I enjoy my Singing lessons even more than Harry Potter!"
Darcy, 10 years old

Learning to sing - or to play any instrument, is a wonderful thing. It will change your life. From the first time you heard that one song you will never forget, to the song you heard on the radio driving to work this morning, your gift of Music has been developing. We all have this gift and we all have the opportunity to develop it. Learning to Sing gives a very real sense of achievement and joy that will stay with you, and I am here to make sure you get there.

"At aged 16 I decided to learn the piano, I never imagined less than a year later I'd be entered for my Grade 2 Exam."
Monica, 17 years old

Exams can be taken as required, but are not an integral part of learning. However for those who rise to the challenge, performances can either be at a nominated venue with an examiner, or can be recorded in your lesson and digitally submitted for review. Certificates can also be used to obtain NVQ qualifications and count towards University applications by use of UCAS points.


Please note that lessons taught at your home must be within the areas of Folkestone, Hythe, Cheriton and Hawkinge.

£12 - Initial 45 Minute Lesson (for suitability/informal meet)
£14 - Singing Lesson (30 Minutes)
£18 - Singing Lesson (30 Minutes at your home)
£20 - Singing Lesson (45 Minutes)
£24 - Singing Lesson (45 Minutes at your home)
£25 - Singing Lesson (60 Minutes) + FREE Tea or Coffee!!
£30 - Singing Lesson (60 Minutes at your home)

Darcy enjoying Singing lessons at her home

Emily starting her weekend off with a lesson

Free Tea or Coffee for 60 minute lessons!